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Welcome to PANA - The Professional Audiobook Narrators Association

Advocating for and uplifting the narrator community

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PANA is seeking the support of authors, listeners, and others who believe that audiobooks should remain narrated by humans, recognizing that oral storytelling is an art form that predates the written word and which can never be replicated by artificial intelligence.

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Who We Are

Here at the Professional Audiobook Narrators Association (PANA, pronounced PAN-uh), we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little group action. Our mission is to advocate for the common, collective business interests of professional audiobook narrators. This includes providing opportunities for raising awareness of the narrator within public consciousness; advocating for higher narration standards within the industry; recognizing the importance of anti-racism work as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives; providing networking opportunities with fellow narrators and industry casting directors; connecting narrators with a variety of professional and personal resources; and identifying, addressing, and advocating for our collective business issues and interests in the publishing industry.

Home: Who We Are

What We Do

Working together to achieve more

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Why Should I Join?

Be a part of the largest group of professional audiobook narrators working to raise awareness of narrators in the public consciousness. Access connections, resources, and support in one simple place. Make your voice heard. Join us!

Do I Have to Be Union?

While we are huge advocates of the SAG/AFTRA union and its work for narrators, we welcome both union and nonunion members of the narrator community to join us in our work.

How Can I Support PANA?

If you'd like to join us as a narrator, apply for membership here!

If you're not a narrator but want to support our mission and activities, learn more about sponsorship opportunities here! Or join our mailing list here.

How Will My Dues Be Used?

PANA dues go towards PANA activities and initatives! Check out our comprehensive explanation of how dues are spent on our Membership page.

What If I'm Internationally Based?

We welcome audiobook narrators from all around the world to be a part of PANA! While our members are predominantly based in the United States, we are eager to consider the multiple perspectives of our international family of narrators throughout our work.

Who Can Serve on the Board?

The Board of Directors is elected each year directly by the membership. Our bylaws stipulate that those nominated and elected should have "significant experience" that would benefit the organization. Board terms are for one year but may reelected up to five years in a row.

Want to hear more about PANA or ask questions live in a Q&A? We're doing a short media tour to share all the information about PANA with narrators around the world. Join us!


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